Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My first Jewelmint piece

So this is it. My very first blog post, and I thought I would kickstart the blog by sharing my first Jewelmint piece. is an exclusive monthly subscription program where they charge you $29.99 every month and you choose one jewelry piece from the available collection to purchase. To start, you create a style profile from filling out a questionnaire which the website then uses to determine certain pieces that best fit your style and add them to your showroom. Designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter, there are new releases added to your showroom every month. The piece I purchased was the Cinema Americano bracelet - a matte gold chain link bracelet. I paid a total of $20.48 USD after using a 65% off coupon code for first time purchasers. I was super excited when I received my package in the mail, so without further ado here it is: 

A little description of the piece.
I debated between getting this or the Lioness bracelet, but decided on this one because it's a little more versatile for my personal style. All in all, I love my purchase and have been wearing it a lot! Unfortunately, I think this was my first and last piece from Jewelmint since their coupons for existing members (NOT first time purchasers) are terrible, and us Canadians have to pay $9.99 USD for shipping, which completely sucks :( So unless I come across a good coupon and something that I absolutely must have, I'll have to pass on future purchases at Jewelmint.

Have you checked out Jewelmint or made any purchases? What are your thoughts?

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